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As thousands of layoffs make headlines, experts say there is a silver lining — a resilient job market.

But to find your next position faster as companies cut costs, you may have to take a new approach.

In January, companies cut a record 82,307 positions, the highest number of job cuts announced since January 2009, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, an outplacement and business and executive coaching firm.

The top sectors impacted by those job losses were finance and technology and have impacted big company names like Citigroup, Google and Amazon.

Why widespread tech layoffs keep happening despite a strong U.S. economy

The fresh wave of technology layoffs has prompted Holly Lee, a career coach and former recruiting leader for Amazon, to reposition her approach with clients.

“Now I have basically transitioned my entire model into coaching people to calm down,” Lee said.

“I work really hard in building their confidence,” she said.

To successfully land a new position faster, it helps to adapt, Lee said.

Don’t fixate on one kind of role

For workers with years of experience at a big tech name, their goal is often to find another similar position.

“Don’t just be stuck in, ‘I want to work for a big tech company,’ and that’s it,” Lee said.

With that mindset, you run the risk of ignoring opportunities with other companies that are hiring.

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“There’s a ton of startups preparing to go IPO or pre-IPO companies that are still trying to build talent,” Lee said.

Job search tools can help amplify your search, according to Scott Dobroski, career trends expert at Indeed.

By updating your profile on job search sites with your skills, experience and the positions you are seeking, you may find roles you would not have otherwise considered. For example, bank tellers may find their skill set also makes them suitable for sales executive positions.

“We’ve seen some people get jobs quicker and earn salaries of upwards of $30,000, $35,000 or more because they’re finding a job that way,” Dobroski said.

Bring your authentic self

Having the right social networking skills can make a big difference in finding work faster, according to Lee.

For some people, that means shaking off their naturally introverted tendencies to become more extroverted.

“Now’s the time to bring more of your authentic self,” Lee said.

It helps to perfect your sales pitch for when you do land an interview or get face time in front of a prospective employer, according to Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster.

Look at your recent performance reviews to help highlight achievements and skills you want to boast about, Salemi said. Be sure to note transferrable skills, like having the ability to lead with empathy, handle deadline-driven work or operate under a company’s budget.

Be persistent

When unemployed, it can be easy to sit back and wait for prospective employers to reach out. But those who are most successful in their job search are the most proactive, Lee said.

If you’re not finding luck in your search, don’t be afraid to try a new approach, she said.

“You can’t sit back and expect changes by doing the exact same thing that hasn’t worked,” Lee said.

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