People were Rescued from Automobiles and Homes after Flooding in Mississippi as a Result of Rain.

There were no fatalities or serious injuries in the county during the first six hours of heavy rains that began around 6am.

For several hours, torrential downpours pounded central Mississippi, flooding roadways and letting water seep into Winston County and Louisville businesses and residences. Sheriff Jason Pugh of Winston County reported that when the water level increased, authorities had to rescue three people from cars and remove a number of residents from their houses.

Flooding in Mississippi
Image Source: Wikimedia

Swift water caused a car to drift into a ditch, but the driver was able to flee before the vehicle sank. As authorities rescued him, the man was knee-deep in floodwater standing atop his car, according to Pugh. The population of Winston County is about 17,500. Louisville, the largest city, is 153 kilometers northeast of Jackson.

The sheriff claimed that in the county during the first six hours of the heavy rains, which started at around 6 a.m., neither serious injuries nor fatalities were reported.

We strongly advise not traveling unless it is absolutely necessary, Pugh added. “After it moves, there will be a lot of road wash,”


Pugh claimed that the last time he could recall seeing such heavy downpours was when he was a young boy in 1977. I’ve never seen streets flood like the ones in Louisville, he added.

Some state roads in Winston and Neshoba counties have received flash flood warnings from the Mississippi Department of Transportation. According to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, neighbouring Choctaw and Noxubee counties also experienced road flooding.

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