New York City has long been known for two things: being expensive and its pizza. Now, it’s known for its expensive pizza.

The five boroughs are officially home to the priciest pizza in the nation, according to new research from Clever Real Estate.

A large cheese pizza in the Big Apple will cost you $28.60 on average, according to the research. That’s nearly double what a plain pie will run you in Richmond, Virginia, the home of the country’s cheapest pizza, where the average pie costs $14.75.

The average price of a large cheese pizza in the United states is $19.34, up 4% from last year according to the report.

Clever crunched the pizza numbers from the country’s 50 largest metro areas in its ranking of the nation’s top pizza cities, measuring factors including how many pizzerias there are per 100,000 residents, the average rating of each restaurant and the average cost of a pie.

Though New York has the most expensive pizza in the country, it is also considered the best. Clever found that Gotham had the best reputation for pizza, with 41% of Americans considering it a top five pizza city.

These are the cities with the cheapest and most expensive pizza, according to Clever data.

The 10 most expensive pizza cities in the country

A pair of slices from Joe’s Pizza in New York City.

Robert Nickelsberg | Getty Images News | Getty Images

  1. New York, New York: $28.60
  2. Chicago, Illinois: $27.66
  3. Orlando, Florida: $25.35
  4. Los Angeles, California: $25.05
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada: $24.85
  6. San Jose, California: $24.40
  7. San Diego, California: $22.70
  8. Seattle, Washington: $21.70
  9. Austin, Texas: $21.50
  10. Kansas City, Missouri: $21.49

The 10 most affordable pizza cities in the country

  1. Richmond, Virginia: $14.75
  2. Charlotte, North Carolina: $15.52
  3. Cleveland, Ohio: $15.64
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: $15.90
  5. Baltimore, Maryland: $15.98
  6. Riverside, California: $15.99
  7. Phoenix, Arizona: $16.30
  8. Detroit, Michigan: $16.36
  9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: $16.40
  10. Virginia Beach, Virginia: $16.59

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