If you have treasured memories of conversations with friends on Reddit, you might want to double-check your archives. Reddit has confirmed user reports that it deleted all chats and posts from before 2023.

The move is part of Reddit’s migration to a new chat architecture, with the goal of ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.

The change was implemented on June 30, but it took many users several days to notice their old posts disappearing.

Luckily, there might be a silver lining for those who want to recover their lost conversations. According to Mashable, users can request data from their Reddit account via an online form, which could potentially include conversations from before 2023.

While the process isn’t as convenient as directly revisiting a valuable chat, it does provide the ability to recover some of the lost content.

Reddit Remove Chat History 
Reddit Remove Chat History

Although the recovery option exists, Reddit’s approach still disappoints many users. ¬†Although the cut was mentioned in a changelog, Reddit did not directly notify members of its community that the old posts were removed.

Consequently, certain users discovered the company’s intentions only when their message logs vanished, leaving them unable to back up their chat history on their own terms.

The move comes at a time when Reddit is facing a wider backlash from its user base. Several subreddits staged a multi-day blackout to protest new policies that made it impossible for third-party apps like Apollo to continue operating.

Since then, users and moderators have taken various actions, such as redesigning the subreddits to focus on photos of John Oliver, to combat these policies.

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More recently, Reddit announced plans to phase out the existing coin system used to recognize outstanding contributors. Users can no longer purchase new coins, and all rewards and coins will be removed after September 12.

Reddit believes the current approach leads to clutter and provides content that some users don’t consider particularly valuable. Although a replacement system is planned, it should be simpler and more direct. However, this change may not sit well with longtime fans who have loved Reddit’s often unique and specific rewards and medals.

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