When you become too comfortable in a job, it is time for a change, says Josh Krichefski, GroupM’s CEO for EMEA and the UK. Here’s why.

Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said change is the only constant, but how could you apply that in your career? Josh Krichefski, GroupM’s CEO for EMEA and the UK, has a suggestion.

“I believe it’s important to be curious about change,” Krichefski told CNBC’s My Biggest Lessons.

“I feel strongly that when we stick with the status quo, we stagnate, whereas when we’re curious, we progress.” 

Getting out of one’s comfort zone when things are going well might sound counterintuitive, but Krichefski explains why it is better. 

“I’ve always changed jobs at times when things have been going well, not when things have been going badly,” he said. 

Doing so allows him to come from “a position of strength, and curiosity, and clarity, rather than desperation.” 

Krichefski believes this applies to business decisions and innovation within a company. 

For more of Josh Krichefski’s biggest lessons, watch the full video. 

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